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For Sally…

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Since I have been gone for soooo long.  I decided to do something for Sally …and Happy Hannah of course!

So here is to my “Jack and Dodger” video/picture post!!!


Just watching some Twilight Zone


Mommy wes go to Disney yes?


and thens I want to go over here….and then here….


no more looking up disney stuffs mom….

So Jack had a little scare… I thought the worse…I was not prepared for the worse, but I tried to be.  He was not able to walk, he was crying constantly, shaking, whining, wanting my attention constantly.  I had to carry him to the car, to the vet, and was holding him in the waiting room.  I heard a daughter ask her mom what she thought was wrong and the mom said very easily, “Oh probably putting him to sleep hun.”  GOD I hope not was all I could think as he shook in my arms.  We finally went in the room and we realized our vet had just went out on maternity leave (this happened to me at the other vet with salem too!) and we had a fill in, a 75 yr old man.  However, he was probably the best thing for us.  He didn’t charge us for ANYTHING.  He felt bad that we were just there and were told his ears were NOT infected when… Ive had him for 10yrs…we know when he has an ear infection…of course they are!   SO we got meds and ear swabs for no cost.  Which was great.  So he looks at my pup’s legs and he starts crying and howling in pain, finally, he discovers…a THORN!  in his paw pad!  In like the worlds most sensitive place on a paw pad.  He gets it out and suddenly… no more yelping, no more crying or hurt.  Hes still limping but getting better by the minute.  WHEW!!!  I have to say I could not mentally handle that if it were more than a thorn.  Having just lost Salem AND Loki… I just can’t even wrap my head around the fact my pup is going on 11…

But here are a few videos of cuteness…

And Here is Jack, sounding like a pig LOL

Heres hoping the videos work and Sally and Hannah enjoy them!!!!!

<3 Kendi

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6 Responses to “For Sally…”

  1. benny55 says:

    And Sally and Happy Hannah appreciate the heck out of these videos and update!!

    So, I see you’re a Disney Fan! Have you been? Are you going? Everything Disney does is magical!!

    And these videos are magical smile makers too!! Jack really does sojnd like a little piggy snort! No need for vacuum cleaners with dogs like Jack around! He is adorable and clearly a very happy boy!

    Dodger is so gentle ad focused with that popcorn! OMC!! He is just precious!! Does he actualy eat it or just toss it around and “capture” it?

    Cannot believe tjat lady said that in the vet’s waiting room! Not very sensitive to her surrondngs! Sooooo glad it was just a thorn!! That mist have been sore!! He’s very, very lucky to have you as his human partner. He needed love and caring-Salem knew to send him to you for that because he got that from you so very well!!

    I think Dodger and Jill may share some relatives from way back…there are some similarities there….they both share the cuteness gene!

    Thanks for shsring ths smiles tonight! Think I’m go na’ go make Happh and I some popcorn!

    Love and light!

    Sally and Happy Hannah

    • salembynxmommy says:

      Yes I have been to Disney ALOT! We are going again in September 🙂 Dodger is obviously helping me plan LOL

  2. Michelle says:

    Glad to hear that it was nothing major with Jack. Rude people I tell you. Good to see you back online & doing some blogging. We have missed you

    Michelle & Angel Sassy

  3. murphsmom says:

    So glad you are back here with us, Kendi. I have been wondering how you are doing.

    And what an obnoxious thing for that woman (I won’t call her a lady) to say. So glad Jack is doing well. And free ear meds, too. We all know how those floppy eared dogs have a tendency to ear infections!

    Kathi and Murphy

  4. jerry says:

    Oh my gosh I’m glad that’s all it was! Eeeek!

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