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I just can NOT for the life of me get myself out of this funk I have been in.  I guess I really have been through a lot emotionally.  Stress has been awful.

I am in the stages of quitting smoking, trying to diet and just be all around healthier.  I thought maybe that would get me out of the funk I’m in.  But I have to say what I REALLY need a damn day to walk around the park in the SUN.  Man do I miss the sun.  This snow has got to go!!!! Maybe that would cheer me up, ya know… no SNOW!

Jack went to the groomer the other day and OOPS he got cut on the neck 🙁  HE went one way, the groomer went the other.  Considering how bad Jack can be at a groomer (he was abused by one as a pup) I’m surprised he hasn’t been hurt like that more often.  Hes a good boy, just hates being groomed now lol.  I can not blame him.

Dodger goes back tomorrow to get his eye looked at.  Hopefully its getting better.  It seems like it.  I just hope this isnt something that will last forever.

So that “friend” of mine you all know so much about resurfaced today.  Just sending me a reminder that yes I still owe her money.  Apparently she owes taxes this year and she needs my money to pay it off.   I so wanted to say…aww it sucks to OWE doesn’t it?  But I’m better than that.  Though I had just heard she was being a bitch about it to our mutual friend, saying how I never stay true to my word.  So I wrote back to her…don’t worry, I STAY TRUE to my word.

Guess that wasn’t so nice either, but I’m getting pass the give a damn point.

I would post some pics but I am writing this at work hehehe.  When i get home if I don’t fall asleep as soon as I hit the bed I will try to post some 🙂

<3 Kendi

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2 Responses to “Nothing but a punk in a funk.”

  1. Michelle says:

    I think everyone is in a funk Kendi. Its that time of year and yes emotionally you are going through a lot of crap (not to be offensive). You need to get away (and away from that person) I don’t think what you said was rude but maybe she needs to lay off.

    Michelle & Angel Sassy

  2. jerry says:

    Kendi you’re not a punk! I can’t blame you for feeling crappy, with the weather and trying to make such major life changes, of course it’s going to get to you.

    First, remember, baby steps will take you a long way. Instead of making such drastic changes why not do one thing at a time to create the life you want?

    Then, get that girl her money and never, ever talk to hear again, she is toxic.

    You can do it!

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