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Yeah I know…

If you happened by my Angel Salem’s blog a few weeks ago, you will see that I have come back 🙂

It’s been a crazy time the last year or so, a lot of changes, a lot of up hill battles.

It’s amazing to me how much that little bugger Dodger changed my life though.  He has been my constant little light that has shone the way through every up and down.

He’s incredibly attached to me, like…if Athena even LOOKS at me that cat is in her way making sure he has all of my attention!  He’s a brat!  My brat…

We lost Jack last year and it’s been really hard for me to deal with.  Mom had a stroke…

We had to move…

BUT the new house is amazing, it’s been wonderful where we are and the landlord is fantastic.

I just started weight watchers as I have gained a lot due to stress eating…so we shall see how this madness goes.  It’s only day 4 so… time will tell I guess right?

IF any one is interested…I am totally one of those people…. that’s right Dodger has an Instagram 🙂

TheGreatDodger is his handle…come check us out there 🙂

I’m going to try to update this blog more now.  Writing has always been my way of dealing… in fact my best friend (she lives in New Zealand!) and I have been writing on a story for over a year now…just to pass time and deal with things… it’s like… 5 novels probably by now hahaha 🙂 It won’t go anywhere but man it sure is fun and relaxing!

How is everyone out there???  Hope you are all doing well!

<3 Kendi and Dodger

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2 Responses to “Hello Everyone!”

  1. hester says:

    Dodger is certainly a character and a ham! The camera loves him!!

    Sorry you have been through some more tough times – I hope your Mom is doing better. Sounds like Dodger is helping you keep your spirits up and recognizing the positives, too, though!

    Good luck on the WW journey – I have to do something about my stress weight gain, too, so I can relate.

    Lisa and Pofi dog

    • Angel Salem's Mommy says:

      the new program is pretty awesome. Although some things I thought were healthy are ALOT of points so that sort of sucks, have to get used to it! I just do the online version though.

      Dodger is 100% a ham! I hope to share more pictures 🙂

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