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11 months old!!!

11 months old!!!

My little Dodger is growing up so fast!  I can not believe how fast he is growing, right in front of me.  He has really started to come in to his own and has such a great personality.  It makes me a little sad to know that he had to wait so long for someone to come around and love him as much as I do.  He is my little peanut.  I have learned that even though it has been hard for me, but that I can love full heartedly again and its OK.  He was NOT a replacement, he was just a kitten that was lonely like I was.  But now we have each other.  And thats how it was meant to be.


My princess

And then I also have this beautiful cat that is finally coming into her own and finally feeling like she belongs in our home.  Watching her become more and more comfortable has been a real experience.  She came to us when her own family dumped her at my home and left, never to be seen or heard from again.  We had just lost Loki, and they were about to put her to sleep as they couldn’t move and bring her with them.  I had to save her, I thought I was fostering her, obviously I was wrong.  We renamed her Athena, as “Tabby” was just NOT the right name for her at all.  And let me tell you…she sure lives up to her new name LOL 🙂


someone is comfortable!


Oh hi…

She loves my brother’s room, sometimes its the only time i see her LOL.

I have learned some things this past few months.  It has certainly not been easy, I have lost friends, I have lost pets, but I have gained even more friends and I gained some amazing pets as well.   Everything happens for a reason and maybe we don’t know what the reason is, but we have to just keep our hearts open, even if they get hurt from time to time.

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4 Responses to “Love with no Regrets.”

  1. benny55 says:

    When somene is speaking from their heart…you know it. When someone’s words are so guided and they are tuly connected to their higher self, you know it.

    Kendi, you ave expressed yoursel beautifully!!! This is sich a lovely post n so many .evels.

    Your capacity for love nows no limits. You were given a huge heart for a reason… give out as mich love as you possibly can and, in return, to receive as much love from your animal partners and your “real” human friends and family as possible!!

    No Kendi, as far a “losng friends”, you merely let go of those no longer serving your higher purpose in life…..which is to allow yourself to love those in need…AND…to love yourself just as unconditionally!

    Thank yo for sharingyour lovely thoughts and delightful pictures on your ongoing journey to enlightenment! Yo are the Universe’s favorite student!!

    Sendng you love and hugs!

    Saly and Happy Hannah

  2. jerry says:

    Bravo! You couldn’t have said it better, for every hard time that comes our way, there is a lesson there that will make our lives better if we open our hearts to it. You’ve done really great at listening to your instincts, the kitties are proud!

  3. Michelle says:

    I love these pictures. You are doing a great job Kendi. Keep listening to yourself

    Michelle & Angel Sassy

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