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Girl Bye.

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I feel the need to write this and really, I have no where else to write this out.  I’m am just frustrated by the population of people right now.  I come here and everyone is so warm and welcoming, I step out in the real world and I run into jerks.

I am NOT perfect.  I will never ever claim to be.  If some one claims they are perfect they are lying.

To begin, when my “friend” was still very much my friend (we all know about her, please see other blogs incase you dont) and Salem was very much still alive and I had NO idea how to even afford how to get him to a specialist, let alone make any decisions, she created a fund raiser site for me.  All I personally had at first was the link to pass around.  I was instantly attacked for it.  HOW DARE I ask for help??  it took A LOT for me to even agree to her making this thing, let alone pass it out.  I have a lot of pride.  A LOT.  Asking for help is not something I normally do, however it was SALEM my baby! I had to do something I couldnt just watch him slip away and be in so much pain, so screw pride.

I posted the link where I had felt comfy at the time… the feline diabetic site, they had been so friendly with Loki why not?  I was bashed up and down, my friend had asked for too much money in their eyes.  Honestly I had agreed and said I felt better knowing it wasn’t just me who thought this, so I got a hold of her and she gave me the info so I could set it how I wanted.  Meanwhile one woman was saying how I must be making all of this shit UP.  I just lost a cat I couldn’t possibly be going through all of this.  It was like a trial!  I finally took a video of him trying to walk, took video of how there was NO use of his paw.  She shut up and donated.  I sent her a gift as a thank you.  I sent a gift as a thank you to EVERY single person who donated.  I hand made a gift for each and every one of them.  I was SO over whelmed by the love I received.  I made so many friends, in fact I became friends with the very person who thought I was lying before hand.

When Salem passed, a friend of mine secretly raised the $200 I needed for the cremation, which was amazing, and when I had money I made three purchases to her etsy store so that she could use the funds to help with her own bills.

Now, like two months ago, my brother and his girlfriend thought they were doing “right” by making a gofundme account to see if they could raise money for the family/pet photo shoot I want.  I right away told them NO.  I would either get the money or it wouldn’t happen, so they took it down.  However the damn thing is STILL posting to my facebook page.  For weeks if I caught the post I would delete it.  My brother’s girlfriend couldn’t even figure out how to get it to stop posting on our pages.

Today, said friend from above saw the post and FLIPPED.  How dare I abuse people and abuse their emotions, etc.  I said, look I didn’t create this, I cant get it to stop posting.  I was told that facebook NEVER posts without you knowing… really?  tell my friends who were getting game requests from me when i wasn’t playing that…. She then went on to say I am self centered and only care about myself and Im selfish and then she said it…I never loved Salem.  It was all for the money.  Really?  First of all… IF I wanted I could post all my damn vet bills that all the donations went to.

Let me explain her…  She has a cat that has been in renal failure for months.  A diabetic cat that she chooses when to give it insulin and when to give it fluid treatments.  She also feels the need to post her vet bills and the fluid treatments as if… no one would believe her.  What I can not believe is the numerous conversations I have had with her about how she KNOWS the cat is ready but shes not so… she will keep doing what she can to keep it alive.  Also, her one dog became ill right after her cat… did I question?  No.  I sent her money for her vet bill.  $35 so she could take him to be seen.

Now, I think I am more pissed off, that I have defended her, been there for her and I don’t really know her, and yet all she has done is judge.  It breaks my heart that people are like this.  That they wont believe the words people say.

And for SOME reason, she had a mutual friend question me if my brother was even my brother… wtf.  we look ALIKE.  hes been my brother for 25yrs and what does THAT have anything to do with anything??

Rawr.  Ok Im done.  and by the way, if I said anything to offend any one here… sorry Im not sorry…. I just needed to write the damn truth out.


Back to my rainbows!

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3 Responses to “Girl Bye.”

  1. jerry says:

    Nope, you didn’t offend anyone I promise. When it comes down to it, you have to cut out the toxic people from your life or else their bad energy just recirculates, we do it without even realizing it. You are a good-hearted, super kind soul, surround yourself with more of that and all the beauty of the world is yours.


    • salembynxmommy says:

      Thank you!! I think what it comes down to is that she has never had anyone create something for her so she can not believe that someone else would. its sad really 🙁

  2. benny55 says:

    First of all…we BELIEVE you!! We KNOW your HEART! We now how well-intentioned you are!! Surround your self with those of us who have like values and who look for the good and no look for the bad…..or make up the bad if they can’t findit!!

    I love what Jerry said avout the toxic re-circulating! Good stuff! I know you can’t help what’s posted but jist delete amd do not respond! Amd I dn’t kow squat about facebooger and dn’t want to…but can’t you UNfriend that person who’s so eaten up with jealousy, anger and control? And I certainly would ot give one second of my energy to complete and total stramgers who make comments…not one second!! OMD! You have noooooo idea what kinds of whackos are on the other end and what kind of their own dysfunctiinal “issues” they being into their responses!

    Now,like you said, let’s get back to the raimbows!! That still blows my mind! TWO RAINBOWS…ON YOUR BIRTHDAY!! That’s where your focus needs to stay! Loki and Salem know how much you love them and that’s ALL that matters!!

    Now give yourself a great big hug from all of us…..print out a big picture of Loki and Salem’s rainbows…..write on it “Happh Birthday Mom! Love, Loki and Salem”…..and give Dodger an extra treat tonight!!

    Sending love and hugs!

    Sally and Happy Hannah

    Co tinue to “purge” youself of anything and anyone who tries to take away from the kind, loving compassionate soul we all knowyou to be……and Salem and Loki know you to be!!

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